Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Halloween Horror Poll: '70s Edition

I jumped for joy yesterday when I realized that it's almost October. Not that I haven't had a great summer, but there's something about the crisp fall weather, Halloween decorations and watching as many horror movies as I can possibly cram into a month that feels like bliss to me. Since I had a lot of fun tallying everyone's choices for the best '90s horror movies last year, I'll be hosting another poll this season. While the '90s poll was an interesting opportunity to highlight the underdiscussed gems in what wasn't a great decade for the genre, this year I'll be focusing on a decade, the 1970s, that has no shortage of great horror movies to choose from (honestly, I could probably come up with a solid top ten for any year that decade).

If you'd like to contribute to the poll, please submit your own top ten via e-mail (bangfilmsnh@gmail.com), Twitter, Facebook, Letterboxd or in the comments sections here by 9/20. And if you'd be interested in writing about one of your choices, please let me know. I'm blessed with the problem of several other writing gigs and my movie's premiere in November, so I can certainly use the help.

A few things:

- You can rank your list if you want, but it won't affect how I'm tallying the votes.

- Release dates are determined by the movie's first commercial (non-festival) release anywhere in the world. If you want to make a case for a movie that you think should be an exception, I'm happy to consider it.

- TV movies/miniseries and shorts are allowed.

- "Horror" can mean whatever you want it to.

Thanks in advance - I'm looking forward to seeing your lists!