Friday, December 02, 2005

Top 10: New Directors

This list is comprised of directors who have made four or less features. I've chosen these directors because they've already pointed us towards exciting new possibilitiess for cinema, whether through innovative techniques, distinctive and truthful visions, or exciting displays of unique imagination. Each name links to the filmmaker's IMDb entry; Netflix away if you want to see the future of film.

1. Paul Thomas Anderson
2. Sofia Coppola
3. Wes Anderson
4. Sam Mendes
5. Spike Jonze
6. Todd Haynes
7. Miranda July
8. Jonathan Caouette (who, I swear, was on my rough draft of this list yesterday)
9. Richard Kelly
10. Edgar Wright

HONORABLE MENTION: Terrence Malick. With four pictures under his belt, this scrappy youngster might just make something of himself.


Anonymous said...

Paul Thomas Anderson definitely holds a high ranking in my book too. Every time I've finished watching one of his films for the first time, I'm in awe.

Probably my favorite aspect of his films is his ability to integrate music into his films. After I finished Boogie Nights, Jess pointed out to me how there is seldom a moment in that movie that doesn't have a song accompanying it.

Andrew Bemis said...

Yeah, all of the music cues in Boogie Nights are outstanding. "Sister Christian" is the most oft-mentioned one for good reason, but I also get goosebumps from "Magnet and Steel" over the Adult Film Awards, "Lonely Boy" when Amber/Maggie's son calls, and "Best of My Love" over the opening shot. That shot just exemplifies everything I love about P.T. Anderson - his arrogance, his showmanship, his self-indulgence, and his obsessive need for validation.