Monday, March 27, 2006

The Trim Bin #20

- The final season of The Sopranos has been ridiculously great so far. The first episode reintroduced us to the extensive cast of characters with Burroughs' "The Secret Name" on the soundtrack; the second revolved a dense deeply unnerving purgatory. I generally detest the "TV is better than film" sentiment espoused by Entertainment Weekly and the like, but of the five or six great shows currently on tv, The Sopranos has consistently been the best. It looks like they're going in a King Lear/Ran direction; I can't wait.

- This fake corporate video by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (currently on an amazing roll with their pitch-perfect response to Issac Hayes' departure) was commissioned by Universal Studios pre-South Park. Not much to say, except that it does what they do best. Love the cameos by the Jaws ferry captain and the precocious little boy eating Oreos.

- Just a quick reminder that the "Comics to Film" series continues this week with Ghost World on Tuesday and From Hell on Wednesday. Any of you kids like funnybooks?

- Anyone else psyched for Slither?


Anonymous said...

i cannot wait for slither.

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