Thursday, May 18, 2006

Coming Attractions

Back from, and in some ways still in the midst of, a whirlwind tour of the region's big screens. Seen on 35mm this month: Fargo, Blue Velvet, Pink Flamingos, My Own Private Idaho, Badlands, and Days of Heaven. Still to come: King Kong and Full Metal Jacket. Expect multiple articles on the experience (any preferences?). To say things have been busy would be an understatement; the past few weeks have brought a graduation (diploma's in the mail), a violent car crash for my parents (who emerged unscathed, thankfully), and the rediscovery of true romance founded on celluloid and dreams. Also, a honkin' tv set. Here's to irresponsibility and adventure. Here's to the future.


Anonymous said...

When are you seeing Kong and FMJ? And I'd be curious to read your thoughts on Jacket.

Andrew Bemis said...

Kong is tomorrow night, and Full Metal Jacket is Sunday. Let me know if you'd like to go to either; also, FMJ has several showtimes in the afternoon and evening on Sunday, and we're fairly flexible.