Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Trim Bin #28

And so it goes.

- Composer Gyorgy Ligeti died on June 12 at the age of 83. His avant-garde compositions were used to stunning effect by Stanley Kubrick in The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, and especially 2001, where Ligeti's Atmospheres helps make the "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite" sequence one of the most awe-inspiring moments in cinema history. A quote from a lecture Ligeti delivered at the New England Conservatory in 1993 (hooray for wikiquote):

"Now there is no taboo; everything is allowed. But one cannot simply go back to tonality, it's not the way. We must find a way of neither going back nor continuing the avant-garde. I am in a prison: one wall is the avant-garde, the other is the past, and I want to escape."

- I finished my short, Chrissie, this week. I suspect it may be the first in a series. It's wonderful to have as much time as I need to think over the smallest details without the pressure of a deadline - it allows for a more meditative approach. This, of course, is why I've always carefully avoided success.

- Question raised while watching David Lynch's magnificent The Straight Story: how much should the knowledge of a director's other work play into the reading of a particular film? Should such cross-referencing be limited to over references, or should it extend to perceived implied correlations? I guess this is my way of calling out the auteurists among us.

Films watched this week:

Unforgiven 10
The Proposition
A Prairie Home Companion
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Jackie Brown
Cast Away
Day of the Dead
The Parallax View
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Straight Story
Gremlins 2

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