Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Trim Bin #44

- Kate sent me this video made by her stepbrother and our elementary school classmate. I idolized him then - we would repeatedly watch Halloween 4 and debate the merits of Pink Floyd vs. Nirvana. Now he's become an auteur - I'm completely blown away by how playful, inventive and exciting this is. Cheers, Dave - I can't wait to see what's next.

- Jack was kind enough to share a link to Subterranean Cinema - I don't know how I ever lived without it. If you want to download the El Topo soundtrack, watch Godard's Weekend in its entirety, or read the screenplay of the unfilmed, Romero-directed version of The Stand, this is the place to go.

- This week was a big one for Jess and I, as we made a significant step into the next stage of our life. That's right: we bought an HD-DVD player (Toshiba's A1, to be precise). It was completely worth it. Watching Jarhead, I could practically make out individual grains of sand. And Full Metal Jacket looks every bit as searing as the 35mm print that Jess, Doug and I saw a few months back. If you're willing to place a bet on a format that might be gone due to a format war or lack of interest within a few years, I recommend this one.

Now I must go about the daunting process of deciding what is HD-worthy (it's like "sponge-worthy," only geeky and sad).

- I'm embarrassingly captivated by Asia Argento's video blog.

- What are you watching this Halloween?

Films watched this week:

The Science of Sleep 8
Friday the 13th Part VI 5
Manhattan 10
Batman Begins
The Fly (1986) 10
Jarhead 9
Sleepy Hollow 8
The Dead Zone


Anonymous said...

A side trek to the Field Museum while Chicago for the Film Festival stuff, plus just a need to re-watch it again puts me in the mood for the classic version The Mummy with Karloff. I might have to do a raid to your place and reclaim my DVD. Also on the list of possibilities are Session 9, The Thing, and Bubba Ho-Tep. There's also an outstanding tradition that the Anime Club watches Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and seeing as Halloween falls on the night we have club meetings, who's to say what'll happen there.
Finally, since we're on the topic of Anime and this is the Trim Bin; all those who might be interested, keep December 3rd, 9PM free. MCLA Anime club will be having a 35mm screeing of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind at Images!
(Apologies for rambling alot)

Dr. Criddle said...

Carpenter's "Halloween" is compulsory watching on the day itself. I like to watch lots 'o horror movies during october and it's a good excuse to track down some of the ones I haven't seen yet (Deep Red, The Funhouse, The Old Dark House etc) as well as revisit old favorites like Bride of Frankenstein and Dawn of the Dead.

I'm also hoping that HD-DVD wins this format war if I ever have the financial means to invest in it. Just browsing the lists of titles seems to idicate that Toshiba is aiming to please older folks and more dedicated film fans as well as the average consumer with their HD choices. Sony just seem to be catering Blu-Ray discs exclusively to people who don't know/care about the difference between widescreen and fullscreen. I'm love to get ahold of Casablanca, Forbidden Planet or Goodfellas, but I can't really understand the appeal of seeing 50 First Dates in sparkling film-like clarity in my living room.