Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Trim Bin #52

This will be a condensed entry, as I find myself too tired and stupid to write complete paragraphs right now (gotta love the holidays). I'll be back next week, and hopefully my brain will have returned as well. In the meantime:

- The teaser for Grindhouse. Boner.

- This one's for the missus: a Woody Allen spectacular. Yes, my wife finds Woody Allen attractive, which does wonders for my self-image. But she also digs Reds-era Warren Beatty, which gives me hope.

- Here's my latest article for the Transcript, a suggestion of what movies to watch this Christmas season; here's a clip from one such timeless Yuletide classic. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Films watched this week:

Superman Returns 10
Blue Velvet 10
Inland Empire 10
Silent Night Deadly Night 3
Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 0
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 8
Brazil 10
The Fountain 10
For Your Consideration 6


Anonymous said...

Leave it to me to bring up the animation stuff, but no thoughts on the passing of Joseph Barbera?

Andrew Bemis said...

It's sad, of course - his contribution to animation is enormous. But I don't have enough of a personal attachment to his work to know what to say beyond that. If I tried to pretend that I did, I'd be one of those "I've been a Johnny Cash fan for years" folks. But you're certainly welcome to share any memories here.

Anonymous said...

Ok, not trying to force the issue, just wondering if you'd heard.

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