Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Trim Bin #56

- The trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween remake can be found here. At this point, I feel like it could go either way. I like that Zombie has apparently taken his own brutal approach to the opening murders, and I'm at least confident that it won't be a generic retread. If I'm afraid of anything at this point, it's that it will be too much a Rob Zombie movie to be recognizably Halloween. If he achieves the right balance of honoring the original and making it his own, it could end up deserving mention alongside Phillip Kaufman's Invasion of the Body Snatchers and John Carpenter's The Thing. But if not, than Zombie had better watch out, because you do not want to piss off Donald Pleasance's ghost.

- Several fine eulogies have been written about the passing of Bob Clark (you can find two here and here), one of the most eclectic filmmakers of all time - few men could have made both Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things and Baby Geniuses. But while his filmography is spotty, he's also reponsible for creating one cultural institution (A Christmas Story) and the original Black Christmas. I revisited the film last holiday season with the intention of writing about it here, then found I had little to say except "eek!" So thank you, Mr. Clark, for creeping the hell out of me.

- Walter Chaw calls Robert Rodriguez "the Salieri to Tarantino's Mozart." As for reports that Harvey Weinstein may chop Grindhouse, I hope he comes to his senses. This will only tarnish the movie's image: it's an underperformer, but this sort of action makes it seem like a bomb on the level of Heaven's Gate, which it's not. I'd love to see Death Proof with the missing reel intact - I think it's one of Tarantino's best movies, and in its complete form, it might be the best. But wait for DVD or a limited late-summer/fall release. Give it some breathing room. To put it simply, DON'T. DON'T. DON'T. DON'T.


- Finally, here are David Lynch's thoughts on product placement:

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