Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Title Card #16


Paul C. said...

While I recognize the particular significance of this choice (how is little Luna, btw?), I just gotta say this- BIRTH is so awesome. Along with Fincher, Glazer may be the music-video veteran who has most successfully transitioned to feature films. Yeah, Jonze and Gondry are good too, but from SEXY BEAST to BIRTH- that's a hell of a lot of range, and he did right by both.

Plus he surrounded himself with so much talent on BIRTH, both in front of the camera and behind. I mean, when a movie is co-written by Jean-Claude Carriere, photographed by Harris Savides, and with music (one of the decade's best scores, actually) by Alexandre Desplat. Yet with all the awesome collaborators, it's the direction that makes it work. No mean feat.

Andrew Bemis said...

Absolutely. I put off seeing Birth because of the so-so trailer and mixed reviews that centered around the bathtub scene. One night I caught it midway on cable - the scene where Danny Huston loses his temper - and was intrigued by the apparent reference to Barry Lyndon. And when I saw it from beginning to end, I was surprised to find that it actually deserves mention alongside Barry Lyndon. I can't wait to see what Glazer does next.