Friday, December 21, 2007

The Trim Bin #65

- Between the badass Drew Struzan poster above (please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck...) and this trailer (which, clearly, will not suck), 2008 looks to be 1989 all over again. But without the New Kids on the Block, so, y'know, better.

- Speaking of blockbusters, Vol. 1, No. 3 of the International Journal of Zizek Studies, titled "Zizek and Cinema," focuses on the Slovenian philosopher's film writing. It's must-read stuff, particuarly if this is your introduction to Zizek.
- I saw the terrific, underrated Two-Lane Blacktop for the first time, so it was a pleasure to find Kim Morgan's ode to the film waiting for me (she's right - it's a seriously sexy movie).

- I thought I was the only one!

- An interesting discussion is forming over at SLIFR with the debut of Andrew Blackwood's short film Slap, a film that has invited both praise and scorn. Alex Jackson hated it so much that he posted his own film over at the Film Freak Central blog, though Hieronymous Bosch's HECK shares more spiritual DNA with Slap than Mr. Jackson would probably care to admit. But as for the question "Who's more pretentious?," the answer is me.

- Happy holidays!


Dr. Criddle said...

Oh my god. That poster made me feel like I was ten all over again.

BTW, Hey, Two-Lane Blacktop is amazing, isn't it?

Andrew Bemis said...

I love how the poster references the oft-derided Temple of Doom, suggesting that this is going to be unapologetically over-the-top fun.

And yeah, Two-Lane Blacktop was great. I actually prefer it to Easy Rider, as it has the same poetic grasp of the open road as a metaphor for iconoclasm without the heavyhanded symbolism.

Jess said...

Was that supposed to mean something?