Monday, February 25, 2008

The Trim Bin #67

- So this makes two years in a row where a genuinely great movie wins Best Picture and the Academy demonstrates general good taste. Weird. Whatever minor quibbles I might have, any night where Javier Bardem, Tilda Swinton and Daniel Day-Lewis are winners, future trailers can read "From Four-Time Academy Award Winners Joel and Ethan Coen" and the cute couple from Once beat the Disney machine is a pretty sweet one. As for the show itself, aside from a few funny moments and the wonderful decision to defy the indisputable wisdom of Bill Conti and let Marketa Irglova speak, it was so-so. The lack of bloat was welcome, but there just wasn't anything in the show itself that could compete with this.

- The Oscars may be over but the Muriels (which got a nice mention from Jim Emerson - way to go, Paul!) are running through Friday. Most recent is the award for Best Cinematic Moment ("My straw reaches acroooss the room..."), with comments by yours truly.

- Sight and Sound charts the intersection of "a prolific American generation of comedians and wry auteurs. " Great to see The Cable Guy finally getting its due.

- I can't quite make up my mind about a certain trailer. Sure, it plays the nostalgia card a little heavily, but it's snappy, broadly funny, and proudly analog - in other words, it feels like Indy. If it weren't for the memory of The Phantom Menace's awesome trailer, this wouldn't feel like the year's biggest question mark.

- This, however, is no question mark. Two, please:


Anonymous said...

Some folks I've encoutnered are upset that Rataouille beat out Perspoplis. I honestly wish they'd put the latter film in with the foreign movies, that'd even things out. I haven't seen the film, but I've read the book and I still think it should've been recognized

Paul C. said...

Having seen both movies, I'm glad RATATOUILLE won. Perhaps it won because it was a huge hit, but it's also a better movie. PERSEPOLIS has an interesting story to tell, but even with its unconventional style and subtitles it has some really pandering moments. Most obviously, there's a montage set to "Eye of the Tiger" that could just as easily have come from the SHREK franchise, animation notwithstanding. PERSEPOLIS has its good points, but it's sort of a mishmash of serious storytelling and silliness that doesn't quite work. The fact that RATATOUILLE maintains a consistent style and tone alone makes it superior to PERSEPOLIS.