Friday, May 16, 2008

The Trim Bin #69

- Werner Herzog is directing a remake of Bad Lieutenant starring Nicolas Cage. Does. Not. Compute.

- Speaking of Herzog: in what would be the oddest film news any week that didn't also bring the announcement of a Herzog-directed Bad Lieutenant remake, David Lynch will be exec-producing (through his production company, Absurda) My Son, My Son, a "horror-tinged drama" to be directed, on DV and guerilla style, by Herzog. Absurda will also be behind Alejandro Jodorowsky's long-awaited return to directing, King Shot, starring Nick Nolte, Asia Argento, Marilyn Manson and Udo Kier. Though a frame of film has yet to be shot, this is clearly a frontrunner for the Academy Award for "Best Movie Ever Made."

- Welcome to all the new readers here from the More Than This: The Original Source For Everything Jim and Pam message board! While I imagine most of you are primarily interested in what I have to say about John Krasinski, I hope some of you decide to hang around for a while. In exchange, this blog will feature 20% more Krasinski-related content. And to answer the speculation: yes, when I said he was a goofy-looking guy, I meant it in a good way.

- I missed Blade Runner: The Final Cut when it played at the Brattle last year because apparently that's not an appopriate way for a baby to share her first Christmas with mom and dad. But it's playing at the Mahaiwe in Great Barrington this Sunday as part of the Berkshire International Film Festival, and it was worth the wait, as the screening will be followed by a Q&A with Berkshire resident Douglas Trumbull. When I was an 8-year-old, guys like Trumbull, Phil Tippett and Dennis Muren were like rock stars to me, and the physical reality of their accomplisments remains more awe-inspiring to me than even the most impressive CGI. I can't wait for Sunday, and I'll try to ask Trumbull why he made Edgar Wright cry.

- Dennis Cozzalio's epic defense of Speed Racer has to count as some kind of masterpiece of film criticism, because it has actually gotten me interested in seeing a movie I'd completely dismissed even before its collective critical panning. I don't know if I'll side with Dennis or the majority, but if there's anything in the film as cool as this I'll be happy:


Dr. Insermini said...

Wow, I'm shocked. Anyway I'll see Herzog's Lieutenant in spite of Cage

Anonymous said...

The more I see and know of Herzog, the more I believe him to be a master comedian. I'm positive he will use Cage in a very special way.
As for "Speed Racer," thanks for the link. Sincere, inventive, and purposeful sounds a lot better to me than what I thought was coming, another slick piece of garbage.

Steve C. said...

Hey, look at it this way: Any Cage freakout can't be more epic than the Keitel meltdown at the end of Ferrara's film. Besides, unlike Abel, Werner actually knows what he's doing when he steps behind a camera.

Paul C. said...

Count me in the pro-SPEED RACER camp. Yes, it's silly and kind of juvenile, but what are you gonna do, it's SPEED RACER. But there's something really infectious about the verve and energy with which the Wachowskis kick to the curb every expectation would one have for a movie of this sort. Parts of the film are practically experimental- the opening reel is cut almost like a Resnais film- and the colors just wash over you. I think part of the reason for the film's reception (aside from the fact that many seemed to approach a new Wachowskis project, esp. this one, with knives drawn) is the fact that its inspirations aren't so much cinematic and literary as comic books, video games, and Saturday morning cartoons. I don't think a lot of people writing about movies are especially well-versed in those, and it shows.

On another note, the Jodo project sounds bloody incredible.

Also, Angela (my GF) was wondering if you got Luna's name from Harry Potter.

Andrew Bemis said...

When I think of Keitel in Bad Lieutenant, I think of that close-up at the end at the bus station, when he looks like his face is about to implode. Incredible.

My friend Michael (that's mehitchcock) and I are going to check out Speed Racer this week, hopefully. I have been sufficiently swayed. And while the missus and I are both Potter fans, the name isn't an homage - when we went to see Potter 5 last summer, we had a shared "Oh crap" moment. It could turn out to be a good thing, though - of all the characters she could relate to if/when she discovers the series, Luna's the craziest and the coolest.

Hooray for GFs, dude.

Jess said...
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