Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Trim Bin #70

- Cartoonist, landlord and friend Howard Cruse reports in his blog on the social event of 2008: Luna's first birthday party.

- An unnamed writer at Master of Sopranos (via The House Next Door) presents a comprehensive, very persuasive argument for why, as the author writes, "Tony's death is the only ending that makes sense."

- J.J.'s appreciation of Liza Minelli at As Little As Possible makes me feel a bit better about that disappointed look Jess gave me once when she walked in on me watching Liza with a Z.

- Lauren Wissot writes about the sadomasochistic scene between Lula and Bobby Peru at Wild at Heart. I'd always read the scene as a rape, but Wissot's made me reconsider it as an even darker and thornier version of the "baby wants to fuck" scene in Blue Velvet.

- Last night I stumbled upon a clip from Trent Harris' The Beaver Trilogy, one of the last great underground movies that, due to rights issues, has remained truly underground (though, according to the comments here, you can buy a copy from Harris through his website). If you don't know what The Beaver Trilogy is, I'm not going to say any more, except that you should watch this scene - tell me this isn't a movie you need to see:


Anonymous said...

Luna's looking great! Though I'd beg to differ with the column on the wild at heart scene.

Anonymous said...

OK, Bemis, this is a movie I don't need to see. The hubby says the same.

Andrew Bemis said...

Well then, I'm sorry for you both.

Anonymous said...

Joke! Seriously, though, why do you want to see this? Seems pretty high school variety show to me.

Andrew Bemis said...

Without giving too much away, it revolves around a high school variety show, and the makeshift look is intentional.