Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Trim Bin #10

- Apologies for not posting any reviews in a while. Munich looms on the horizon; it's a big, complex movie that has been largely overlooked this awards season because of Spielberg's overwhelming baggage. Expect a take on the film and its context in the Spielberg canon soon. And, as the rush of interesting fall and winter offerings has changed to the mostly irrelevant spring lineup, expect more vintage reviews soon as well.

- Roger Ebert's defense of Crash marks a sad turn after his recent, invigorating essay on Dark City. His writing here is as sloppy and dull as Crash is dishonest and placatory. I know the popular explanation is that he's gotten older, been through some health scares, and is more laid-back about the process. To me, this is not a reasonable justification, it's a problem; if Ebert is disinclined to engage in real film criticism, than I might as well read reviews by Leonard Maltin. Or my dad, for that matter.

- Finally, I have to quote one Jessica Sargent, who's been doing progressively more interesting writing over at her myspace (even if I hate the medium):

I hope that one day someone has a sweaty moment with one of my novels, films, or plays. I have a long way. It's ok though, I love travel.

And there, folks, is the entire artistic process, from creation to experience, in a nutshell.

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