Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Trim Bin #9

- I've been making the case for a while that the Berkshire Mall 10 isn't worth our money. This just ends the argument for me. Jess and I were there seeing King Kong when the theatre was evacuated; it was as chaotic as the article suggests, and the bit about the kids seeing Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is just shameful. Even if they were done a favor in the long run.

- Cinephiles continues its solid selection of midnight shows at Images in January. Friday the 13th is American Psycho, and the 20th is - at last - The Shining. I can check another title of my list of movies I need to see on 35mm in my life - at the top of the remaining list are Jaws, Taxi Driver, and Vertigo (which is actually playing the Brattle on the 5th; here's hoping that the trip will be feasible).

- The Brattle in Cambridge, which was in danger of closing at the end of the year, has raised enough money to stay open at least through February. Their schedule for the next few months has some great films, including a Herzog program (complete with the local premiere of The Wild Blue Yonder!). So see a movie there sometime if you can - everyone wins.

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