Monday, July 10, 2006

The Trim Bin #30

- Tonight I was interviewed by Janet Curran for an ongoing project documenting the history of Images Cinema. I definitely felt a bit "Groovin' Gary" as I rambled on aimlessly about how Images is awesome, realizing after the camera had stopped that I had forgotten to share just about every humorous or interesting memory from my time here. Still, I think it's a fascinating project, and I can't wait to see what kind of shape it takes.

- The teaser for Spider-Man 3: you've probably seen it already, but it bears repeating.

- The record-setting opening weekend for a Johnny Depp-starring pirate movie has led me to one conclusion: the influence of the Mookymen is greater and more insidious than I could have ever anticipated.

- Friday brought the incredible double feature of Jaws at Pothole Pictures in Shelburne Falls followed by Terminator 2 at the Cinemark in South Hadley. Expect reviews of one or both soon - it was a refreshing reminder that summer tentpoles are capable of wit, intelligence and artistry. Actually, Superman Returns succeeds at all three, but the box office numbers are lower than anticipated, which makes it an artistic failure, I guess.

- More Images news: the Williamstown Film Festival has arranged for an advanced screening of The Illusionist, starring Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti next Sunday at 11am. The film's editor, Naomi Geraghty, will be in attendance. Best of all, there will be brunch.

- Borat!

Films watched this week:

Superman II 8
An Inconvenient Truth 5
Jaws 10
Terminator 2 10
Tommy 9
Dark City 10
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 7

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