Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Trailerfest #25: Kinski


Paul C. said...

I love how of all the headlines for this month's trailers, the only one not to get an exclamation point is this one. But then, punctuating Kinski's name would be redundant.

Also, wasn't this just about the greatest cast Herzog ever worked with? A relatively young Bruno Ganz, Isabelle Adjani at perhaps her most beautiful (which is saying a lot), and of course Klaus. I can't think of one that tops it.

Andrew Bemis said...

Honestly, it was a mistake, but I'm glad it works. Agreed about the cast - there's also Roland Topor, author of The Tenant, as the second-best Renfield ever (the first being Tom Waits).

Paul C. said...

Cool- someone else digs Waits as Renfield as much as I do. Coppola's DRACULA gets a bum rap, but I think it's kind of underrated. It's a mess narrative-wise, but it's gorgeous to watch and some- though far from all- of the performances are damn good.

Of course, it can't hold a candle to either of the NOSFERATU movies, but few movies of any kind can.