Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Trim Bin #63

- I can't make up my mind about the new trailer for Sweeney Todd. The trailer looks gorgeous, Tim Burton's trademark style is certainly on display, and Johnny Depp apparently can sing. But there's too little singing on display here to be sure - it's a case of the studio trying to fool teens into seeing a musical. And I'm not sure about Burton's aforementioned style - his recent movies are too often on cruise control, and I'm not sure Sleepy Hollow-esque opulence is right for a musical that practically demands a stark approach. Either way, I'll be there on Christmas - as far as year-end Oscar-bid musicals go, it sure beats Dreamgirls (imagine what Burton could have done with that).

- So it turns out I'm in The Game Plan for about three seconds. The Rock's running one way, I'm headed the other way. I'll post a screencap when it hits DVD, because under no circumstances should any of you ever see The Game Plan.

- Over at Final Girl, Stacie Ponder is writing about the films that made her Willies List (so wonderful to see Ed's idea take off like it has) . Her recent post on Magic includes the tv spot that sent many a child of 1978 into convulsive sobs. It's funny - Magic is an interesting, occasionally creepy character study, but that commercial is way more terrifying.

- I was recently singled out at a party and accused of not loving (truly loving) Troll 2. Well, sorry. As an act of penance, here's a picture of my friend Jess and her boyfriend Nick being interviewed at a Troll 2 screening in NYC (third picture down). I must say, I do admire their commitment to Nilbog.

- Greg at Dreamscape is spending the month looking at mostly lesser-known titles in a series he's dubbed The October Ordeal.
- Doug at Nihon Musings, also getting into the Halloween spirit, lists Seven Amazing Character Deaths in Anime.

- Don't forget about The House Next Door's Close-Up Blog-a-Thon, which starts Friday (details here).

- On a personal note: Luna loves Superman. She becomes completely transfixed whenever Superman Returns is on TV, and giggles and squeals whenever Supes is in action. It's important to me that I not force my interests upon her, so it warms my geeky heart to find out Luna's a chip off the old block. Luna, have I got a movie to show you:


Paul C. said...

I'm with you on SWEENEY. Could be good, but Burton has stopped doing dark-dark and moved on to "designer dark." It's more audience-friendly, but is that really what SWEENEY TODD needs?

Nigoki: said...

I can totally relate to your joy in seeing your daughter enjoy Superman. It's been the one thought in the back of my mind as I look toward the future. "What sort of movies etc do I want my kids to see?"
I want to make sure they see "good stuff" but at that same time I don't want to force something onto them.

Jess said...

Man, we are too damn good looking for our own good...

Dr. Criddle said...

I could also go either way on Sweeny Todd... the trailer makes it look very "cute" and not at all that dangerous, and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that this is a selling technique to try and appeal to teenagers who loved Pirates of the Carribbean, but that the movie itself will be a return to darker, edgier territory for Burton. You know, kind of the exact opposite of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which had a brilliantly deranged trailer, followed by a rather mawkish actual film.