Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rosemary's Baby or El Topo?

UPDATED: Hail Satan! While I love El Topo, I realize that its limited availability has kept most people from enjoying its insane genius. And Rosemary's Baby is one creepy, creepy movie (plus I'm always pro-Ruth Gordon). Sorry, by the way, for the late update - I went straight from work to The Black Dahlia, so I'll let the next round run a little later into tomorrow evening (say, 9ish) to compensate.


Electronic Pussy Sucker said...

Rosemary's Baby

Steve C. said...

If I'd seen El Topo in its entirety, I'd probably vote for it, as the twenty or so minutes of it I have seen beat the holy hell out of Rosemary's Baby. But that would be unfair. So I vote for Baby.

Sam said...

I vote Rosemary's Baby